Video Analysis – TECHNIQUE

Newks uses Technique, a video analysis app, to analyze stroke and technique of the Academy Students and Adult Guests. 
Athletes and coaches in more than 40 sports use the Hudl Technique app to improve through slow-motion video analysis. With the Technique app, Newk’s coaches can use their camera to record and break down the students’ and adult guests’ technique for instant feedback during a practice, clinic, match or tournament.

We are able to:

  • Playback in multiple slow motion speeds and frame-by-frame.
  • Zoom and pan videos for access to every detail.
  • Use drawing tools to measure or highlight form.
  • Compare two videos, side-by-side to a pro’s.
  • Synchronize comparison videos for a more effective evaluation.
  • Create video voice-overs on single or comparison videos.
  • Add drawings and audio commentary to voice-overs.
  • Track and compare athlete progress over time.

Once students and guests sit down with the Pros and go over their video, talk about things that need work and how to move forward in order to get to the next level, they are able to share HD videos with other coaches and friends directly from the app or post to Facebook, YouTube or any social media.

If you are planning on attending Newks and would like to get your strokes recorded and analyzed by a Pro, please contact Mariel at for more information.