Jacquesy’s Tennis Tip – Summer 2017

The French Open is on the horizon for players & spectators. We at Newks would love to explore the clay court game and how it can be good for your personal game.

Game style: Aggressive tennis is generally not as effective on clay. Long points, angles and top spin have to become your weapons. Working on these skills will make you better on all surfaces. The epically long rallies at the French Open can inspire!

Footwork: Clay is the best training tool for your feet. You will always have to be ready for the ball to take a bad bounce. This helps form an instinct for continuous footwork. Just remember to adjust your feet, not your stroke, if possible.

Longevity: Your body will love you for playing more on clay. Remember, the Newcombe generation of tennis players mostly played on grass and clay. Your aches and pains won’t hurt as much and you’ll be able to play for many more years.

Mentally speaking: We learn to be more measured on clay. Statistically speaking, rallies are longer on clay. Therefore we must learn to develop points. This could be simulated with Green Dot tennis balls (75% of normal tennis ball compression). If you are thinking about developing a point, you are now inspired to be patient, and work on hitting a more difficult shot for your opponent, as opposed to attempting a winner too often. These decisions help mold and shape our tennis to make us tougher to beat.

We love our clay courts at Newks. They definitely help our guests get through the week. And they are very helpful when the students are training for tournaments.

If you have questions on this or anything else, please do not hesitate to email Chris@newktennis or call 8308327537.

– Chris Jacques