Newcombe International Touring Team 2017

The Newcombe Touring team has a long tradition which spans over 35 years. What makes it such an amazing trip, from the perspective of the team, are all the little snippets that are combined to make for a moment in history that will never happen again! From Wimbledon center court to Scottish castles, and all the locals and friends we meet along the way, our experience could not be the same again!

The hallowed grounds of Wimbledon provided one of the first legendary moments. The highlight this year was being on “Henman Hill” – thousands of us sat together watching the most exciting match at Wimbledon at the time. We watched champions walk by on their way to matches or practice and caught a few autographs. There was also a booth selling extra tickets, which gave everyone a second chance to watch a show court match. Thousands of people were having their “day of a lifetime.” The team had the fortune of running into Ryan Harrison and Michael Venus, fresh from their French Open doubles victory. These two are former Newcombe Academy students! This encounter made for an inspiring moment, which we will never forget!

Another legendary moment was Sidney Weidenbach playing piano in Duart castle, which has been standing for hundreds of years. The team felt goosebumps as they experienced a once-in-a-lifetime moment. We were picturing what it would have been like with the Scottish Maclean clan, hundreds of years ago, sitting in this great hall, with the piano echoing through the castle.

We are fortunate to have been assisted on the tour by so many great individuals. The people of Scotland made us feel at home, helping us to celebrate the 4th of July. We enjoyed the long days with the sun going down around 1030 p.m.

In Liverpool, not just the staff, but the whole community of kids and adults provided a social experience like no other. You could hear the kids discussing accents and words that were all new to them. This was another moment in time that will stick with the team forever!

These moments and many more combined to see the Newcombe touring team have a trip of a lifetime! As these young men and women go on to many great things in their lives, we wish them luck and we know they will make their parents and John Newcombe proud!
– Chris Jacques, Coordinator

We are calling on all past touring members to write in about your experiences. We would love to hear your stories and maybe even post them on our social media. Please email me at We will select the 2018 European Touring Team during our Top Gun Winter Camp, December 26-31, 2017. Register for camp and see if you can make the team!