Texas Grand Slam Camp

The John Newcombe Tennis Academy Grand Slam Camp is a week designed for all Texas Super Champ players who are getting ready for the biggest Texas tournament of the year. The week is designed to produce results in the Grand Slam with emphasis on fitness, drilling, and tons of match play – which is critical for preparedness at the Grand Slam with high temperatures. Players will train in the morning and in the afternoon with fitness sessions and chalk talks in the morning before each day begins. The Grand Slam Camp might be the next thing a player needs to feel fully ready for the long tournament!

In addition to the camp Newks can provide transportation to and from the Grand Slam if need be for the full Newks traveling experience.

If you wish for your son or daughter to be part of the Newks team at the Texas Grand Slam, coached by our highly trained staff, feel free to contact PJ Hendrie and let him know; whether it’s just a ride to the tournament or if you want to spend the tournament with Newks.

Newkie Grand Slam Camp Alumni and a few notable past results for the past 5+ years

Maria Fernanda Campos – G14s Winner
Samantha Gillas – G14s Winner
Chuyang Guan – G16s Winner
Liam Caruana – B18s Winner
Henry Gordon –B16s Finalist
T.J. Fumagalli – G18s Doubles winner
Zane Khan – B12s Winner
Faris Khan – B12s Finalist
Liza Fieldsend – G18s Winner
Harrison Adams – B18s Winner
Steven Christie – B14s Winner

Honorable mentions (Finalists, semi-finalists, consolation winners, etc.)

Victoria Yu
Sarah Adams
Henry Adams
Hunter Bleser