COVID-19 Response

The JOHN NEWCOMBE TENNIS RANCH has been delivering unforgettable tennis camp experiences to campers for over 50 years.
In light of the current circumstances, we are taking additional steps to ensure the safety and well-being of our campers. Your child’s health and safety have always been our top priority.
The TEAM-FAMILY-TEAM is working hard every day and doing everything within our control to ensure campers get the unmatched, experience that defines NEWKS.

Below is our 7-step response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Following all state and government guidelines
We are encouraged to know our government and health officials are addressing the unique needs of summer camps in order to open this summer. We are looking forward to guidelines set forth by our state and local officials as promised by our governor.
2. Upgrading cleaning protocols
NEWKS is upgrading our already high standards of cleaning. We are adding to our disinfection practices especially in high traffic areas. All areas of cleanliness will include more rigorous practices and increase in frequency throughout the day.
3. Keeping a Healthy Kitchen
We are taking extra measures to our food service area to protect our guests and campers. Stringent protocols for practicing food preparation safety will be in place. There will be limited cross contamination opportunities with new procedures for campers to receive food individually.
4. Screening Campers and Staff
We are working to develop proper screening techniques for campers and staff. Screening will start with YOU, the parents at home, two weeks before your camp session. If your camper is ill or has symptoms, please reschedule their session. We will be screening staff during that time frame as well. Additionally, campers and staff will be given a health screening and temperature check to ensure everyone is healthy upon arrival. These extra measures help create the healthiest environment possible so our campers can have the best week of the summer.
5. Emphasizing Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene
Campers will know that personal hygiene matters, even at camp … especially at camp. An abundance of hand sanitizer, good ole’ fashion soap and water and all the recommended hygiene practices will be generously woven in our daily schedules
6. Adapting Check in, Check out and Awards
We all want what is best for kids to be able to enjoy the safest and most fun time at camp. This means check-in, check out and awards ceremonies may be different. One of the keys to prevent an outbreak at camp is limiting outside guests to a minimum. We realize this will be a challenging adjustment for us all. Rest assured we are committed to check in being a welcoming and reassuring experience while awards will be rewarding and memorable for campers alike. Thank you for being willing help us create the safest environment possible for your kiddos.
7. Responsive Isolation Protocol
In the event someone should show symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive, we will take responsive isolation actions. Just like every summer previously, we have isolated areas available in the event anyone has a communicable disease. We will follow the latest government guidelines throughout the summer as to our policies for sending a camper or staff home due to illness and we will enact our COVID-19 response protocol.
If you have further questions about our COVID-19 response, please email us at