Tennis Tips – Spring 2017

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Most of the instruction your pro gives you, or you give yourself, can be enhanced with the knowledge of which parts of the body to strengthen in order to improve your performance and endurance!

Legs: Who has ever been told to bend their knees more? As the hands go up, take a moment to think about what you have done or have not done to prepare for this instruction. We walk around all day, all life long, so our legs are strong at being straight.

Your challenge is to get them strong in the bent position. We would suggest playing a game of tag, permanently in that bent-knee ‘athletic position’, or putting a chair on the court and hovering your butt just above it before you run out meet to the ball. Wall sits, with music to keep your mind in it, are another great suggestion.

Core: You use your core in tennis for more things than most students realize! If all goes well, you are using your core to fully rotate your upper body while holding good balance with your lower body. Go try this, with and without flexing your abs.

The pro will typically challenge you to take enough steps and react early enough in order to keep the ball in your strike zone, and we agree. For the times that this doesn’t happen (the ball is above or below waste height), if you flex your abs, you will find more ability to stabilize your entire body. If you don’t, you will typically feel your limbs flailing or working against each other.

To prepare yourself to do this, in addition to lots of reps on court, we suggest abdominal work in the gym that allows you to stay standing, and incorporating the most tennis-like movements. Try taking a medicine ball and throwing it against the wall by rotating your lower body and core while keeping your arms as straight as possible. Any variation on this, that works the core and not the arms, will be great.

These are two great examples of what you can do to prepare and impress your pros at home or us on the Ranch. Can’t wait to see you back here at Newk’s. We want to see all those improvements and enjoy those moments off the court, too!

Please feel free to email if you have more questions.

Chris Jacques

Newks Touring Tennis Team 2011

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With Newk in Wimbledon

The Newks European Touring Team 2011 was a time all members will never forget! It will be a lasting memory of a time and a place never to be repeated!

The tennis at Wimbledon was amazing! We watched Nadal and Djokovic explode through the draw! From the atmosphere in the “queue” ( an English word for “line,” waiting for Wimbledon Tickets) to the tube rides, to the constant tennis celebrities in and around Wimbledon, there was constant excitement for the team!

The good will that the John Newcombe Tennis Ranch instills in people around the world is amazing! We stop in Liverpool where the Palmerston Club looks after us like their own members. The kids meet English players, particioate in clinics, play matches and compete against each other. The Club has hundreds of members ranging from tiny tots to adults. Liverpool, the home of the Beatles, is always a special place for all of us!

The new destination on the Touring Team map this year was Hamilton, Scotland. An outlying suburb of Glasgow. We trained and played matches at a first class facility called the Esporta club. The kids and I had our first opportunity to play on indoor carpet! Some of the highlights included a jog to the peak in Hamilton where we could see over the entire town. Another highlight was the Mexican food at one of our team dinners, which was surprisingly good being so far from Mexico!


Team in Oban

Oban Scotland as usual was the prettiest place on our map. This is a picturesque bed and breakfast town, where the best players in Scotland come to battle it out. It is always a great experience for our kids! This year, our own Kaysie Hermsdorf made the final of the Open ladies singles. The first time this has been done by a member of the American team.

We all shed a tear when the tour was over, even the boys! Houston Airport security had to usher us on as the team did not want to break up. The special thing about this tour is the friends and even second family that is created, by the experience. The tour will forever be a positive step forward for all members, and I really do hope they all remain friends, stay in touch and remain part of the, “ Newcombe Team-Family- Team.”

We sill select the 2012 team during our Top Gun Winter Camp December 26-31, 2011. Register for camp and see if you can make the team! – Chris Jacques, Team Coordinator